Linggo, Hunyo 29, 2014

Better make the Right One

Growing old never meant growing wiser. I've done my fair share of errors in life. I can only regret most of them now.

You might have come across the game, The Walking Dead by Telltale Games in your phone or tablet. Season 1's protagonist is Lee Everett, a convict who seems to have been given a second chance by the zombie apocalypse.

"When you look back, you think you have a choice. But you don't." -Lee Everett 

I look back, like everyone else. I bear in mind this thought that was given to me. It's given me strength to accept things I have done so far. Most of them, things that have affected people close to me. People that matters most.

I look back to 22 years of mistakes, achievements, laughters, grieving, friendship, love and life. I've met so many people and have lost most of them along the way. I am a good friend. Or I CAN be a good friend, is the right term. Not that I choose to be an asshole, but it seems I have a way of finding myself to becoming one.

I had a friend, once told me, "Choose whatever'll make you happy." But sometimes we have to consider the people around us. Is it true that maybe, there's no future for the people who can't make sacrifices? Because I can't. Although unknowingly, I'm already hurting the people I love most. By not doing anything. By not making the right call.

Yet again, I'm trying to make an excuse for the wrong choices I have made in life. The  strength I got from these select few words is an act of saying I have no right to the people who matters most. People who loves me. When you look back, there's no more choice, what's done is done, there's only regret and pain. Choice is right now, and I better make the right one.